Point of Sale Equipment


Need to Sell your used POS Equipment?

This is the age of technology and daily technological inventions are being upgraded and changed. What was yesterdays “can’t do without new electronic gadget” has been replaced by something newer, faster, more efficient and with capacity for more apps. These are just a few reasons for discarded electronic products.

Consequently most homes, offices and business places are cluttered with equipment, due to owners not knowing the best method of discarding them. Genetix Distribution has the answer for you. As one of the leading companies that sell used POS equipment we quickly and efficiently sell point of sale equipment converting your clutter to cash.

We sell used POS equipment of various types and models including major top name brand articles. If you have upgraded systems, you probably have a horde of equipment lying around taking up valuable space that could better show off your office or home. Why keep them when they could be bringing in usable income?

Change happens to everyone and maybe you had to downsize or close your business leaving stacks of electronic equipment behind. Why keep the relics? These equipments are constantly in demand and we sell point of sale to small businesses just starting up. Let us turn your POS into liquid cash so you will get something tangible from your efforts.

You do not have to assign your discarded systems to the waste truck, carting them off to the nearest dump. They are no good as fertilizers and the half life of electronic is uncertain. Also due to certain chemical substances in some products the waste may not be the place to discard them. Statistic shows in 2009 an estimated 5 million tons of electronic products in storage, are yours among them?

We sell used POS equipments such as barcode scanners, phone systems of all types including old answering machines and non functioning smart phones, servers, cash registers, fax machines, credit card machines, and ink cartridges. If you have it and it is electronic, contact us and we will be glad to answer your questions.

Genetix Distribution is a Master in this type of business. We have clients waiting to whom we sell point of sale products, therefore we will accept single as well as multiple items. Once contacted, we will evaluate your systems and place a value to them, one we believe you will be happy with.

Let us turn your old outdated electronic products into cash, as we sell used POS equipment that has become a dust collector in your attic or store room. You don’t have much to lose but a lot to gain by making the decision for Genetix Distribution to get rid of your old equipments safely. When we sell point of sale systems we take out your trash and put money into your pocket.